On the third and last stage of the CHANGE – Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship Program, the Girl Mover has a unique opportunity: to have a Life Internship, in Portugal, during 2 months.

A customized plan is created, according to her career plan, and divided in 2 big moments:


It’s during the 1st month of the internship that the sponsoring companies, that are a part of the Life Movement, open their doors to the Girl Movers. All these top partners are committed to ensure that this professional internship is thought out in detail and has a strong impact in all those involved.


One month in several organizations, academic institutes, associations, startups, where the objective is to inspire them, get them to known innovative business models and to broaden their horizons within their area!

The goal is that the Girl Mover learns tools to implement her impact career plan, and returns to her country with her horizons wide open and a well-defined vision of her future.

How to develop my impactful career?
Which skills should I reinforce?
What contacts should I establish?

"In Mozambique I want to fight the lack of information among small family producers and contribute to a quality food production. For this reason, during my internship at Jerónimo Martins, I engaged with the Quality and Food Security areas, contacted with suppliers, and learned about the functioning of the food market."

Notilija Vilanculo, internship at Jerónimo Martins

"The companies should work towards building a fair society, in the scope of their corporate social responsibility, creating or supporting social programs. I want to make a contribution so that the most deprived persons in my country may have access to justice. My internship at VDA helped me to structure the first steps of my project."

Etelvina Frederico, internship at Vieira de Almeida Advogados


In addition to working on the Girl MOVERS career plans, we also seek to provide the best academic training available in Portugal:

Leadership and Social Innovation – Executive Program CATÓLICA LISBON SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS




During the Life Internship, in Portugal, each Girl Mover can rely on the support of a Buddy. A Portuguese friend, around the same age, who shows her the best of what the country has to offer, who accompanies her on a daily basis, and makes the experience a lot more fun!

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During the Life Internship, in Portugal, the Girl Mover may stay with a Portuguese family who welcome her for the whole Life Internship period. Unique moments are created, with lots of sharing and complicity, making the process of integration into the new country much easier.

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